DECORTÉ AQ Aura Reflector

  • 0101
    Crystal Lavender
  • 0202
    Light Mix
  • 0303
    Sakura Beige

A compact color-controlling face powder made from a blend of 6 colors to bring out skin’s clarity and create a beautiful, natural lustre.
Contains the same moisturizing and beauty ingredients used in the DECORTE AQ skincare range.


DECORTÉ AQ Aura Reflector

10 g  $127

Product Features

• As the six colors of powder are mixed together, they produce an array of control functions such as a sense of clarity and healthy complexion, coverage power, brightening, and the impression of the face-line being lifted.
• A face powder that becomes a veil of luster to wrap the skin and bring about a clear, clean brightness.
With a soft, moist touch, it fits the skin as if it melts smoothly into it.
• It helps make the skin filled with fluffy luster and suppleness as if it is overflowing with aura.
• It naturally conceals everything from dullness of the skin and uneven color to pores and indentations caused by fine wrinkles.
• It prevents oiliness attributable to sebum and perspiration, makeup smudges, and smears caused by dryness, and makes a beautiful finish last a long time.
• It comes attached with a puff and a brush, so you can use the product ad libitum to match the occasion, such as creating different finishes to your taste, or carrying it with you when going out.


• Use it to finish a base makeup, or to touch up makeup when away from home.
• Take appropriate amounts onto a puff or a brush. Check how the product gets on the palm of your hands, then apply it to the skin.

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