Eye Shadow

  • JQST_0101
    Warm White M
  • JQST_0202
    Skin Mauve M
  • JQST_0303
    Nudie Beige M
  • JQST_0404 Red Brick
  • JQST_0505
    Bitter Brown S
  • JQST_0606
    Rosé Beige S
  • JQST_0707 Blooming Pink S
  • JQST_0808
    Mocha Graige S
  • JQST_0909
    Reddish Brown S
  • JQST_1010
    Shiny Silver P
  • JQST_1111
    Shiny Sparkle P
  • JQST_1212
    Antique Gold P
  • JQST_1313
    Stylish Khaki ME
  • JQST_1414
    Emerald Blue S
  • JQST_1515
    Dark Indigo ME
  • JQST_1616
    Plum Purple M
  • JQST_1717
    Vivid Pink M
  • JQST_1818
    Apricot Orange M
M : Matte

S : Satin

ME : Metallic

P : Prism

Eye color with plush, satiny texture gives depth to the eyes for an intensified, dramatic look.


Eye Shadow

18 Colors  Each $50

Product Features

Beautiful, luminous colors create wider, breathtaking eyes with intensive allure.
The just applied, fresh look lasts and lasts.
Contains: *White mucuna extract *White birch water *Squalane


Take an appropriate amount on the applicator, check the color on the back of hand and spread lightly over eyelids.

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