Translucent Veil Facial Powder

Wipes away dullness, for bright and clear skin.
A face power that helps keep a beautiful finish looking fresh.


Translucent Veil Facial Powder

30g  $173

Product Features

With a supreme texture that relaxes the mind. Imparts elegant radiance and translucence that seems to emanate from within, for a finish so clear and bright, it's as if pores, fine lines and dullness have been wiped away.

Firm-looking finish as if light was emanating from within
Formulated with Bright Lift Powder*, it melts onto skin while imbuing it with taut firmness and radiance. This achieves a radiant finish that makes even facial features look tight and lifted.

Active ingredients also formulated in AQ skin care
It's formulated with the same active ingredients used throughout AQ, like Mucuna birdwoodiana, an ingredient essential for refining skin responsiveness by focusing on mechanisms of the mind that awaken beauty, and white birch water, packed with natural minerals and amino acids. They protect skin from daytime dryness damage.

A lasting, beautiful finish with a supreme texture that relaxes the mind
Melts onto skin without feeling dry or powdery, it prevents dryness and makeup deterioration to maintain a fine-textured and beautiful finish.

*Phytosteryl oleate, synthetic fluorphlogopite (Boosts look of firmness and radiance)


Use this product as the last step of your base makeup routine. Take a suitable amount of powder onto the puff from on top of the screen, then blend into the puff. Test on the back of your hand, then apply to entire face by pressing on to skin lightly.

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