Radiant Glow Lifting Powder Foundation

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Moist and as smooth as cashmere.
A powder foundation that imbues skin with an elegance and radiance that seems to emanate from within.


Radiant Glow Lifting Powder Foundation

11g, 6 colors  $129
$29 (case sold separately)

Product Features

Covers skin smoothly, plumping moisture and creating an uplifted impression. Naturally covers uneven color-tone, pores and fine lines giving skin an even and translucent finish.

Get a firm and radiant finish even with powder foundation
Formulated with Bright Lift Powder*, it melts onto skin while
imbuing it with taut firmness and radiance. This achieves a
radiant finish that makes even facial features look tight and
lifted. It sticks snugly to skin, preventing slippage and
deterioration, for a beautiful finish that lasts.

Active ingredients also formulated in AQ skin care
It's formulated with the same active ingredients used throughout AQ, like Mucuna birdwoodiana, an ingredient essential for refining skin responsiveness by focusing on mechanisms of the mind that awaken beauty, and white birch water, packed with natural minerals and amino acids. They protect skin from daytime dryness damage.

A finish with both coverage and translucence
It thoroughly covers unevenness like pores and fine lines. Creating a natural, radiant and even-toned look.

Feels moist as it wraps around skin as smooth as cashmere
The fine-quality texture has an airy softness, yet also feels moist and hydrating. It provides the feeling of moisture welling up from inside to impart radiance and firmness.


Use after preparing skin with a makeup base or primer. Use a dry sponge or a wet sponge that has been wrung firmly to spread an appropriate amount of foundation evenly on skin. For touch-ups, first remove sweat and sebum with a tissue or blotting paper. Apply product little-by-little with the sponge.

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