Botanical Pure Oil

This non-oily ultra-light beauty essence contains concentrated white mucuna extract to enhance skin's health and condition. Dry skin prone to dullness is filled with vitality. A must-have for total relaxation and rejuvenation.


Botanical Pure Oil


  • night

Product features

Formulated with a high concentration* of white mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract, this oil targets the rhythm that affects skin’s beauty, making it healthier. It transforms even skin that tends to become dull from dryness into healthy skin full of vitality.
*Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract, glycerin (moisturizer)


Use in the evening after applying lotion.
Take three drops onto the palm of the hand and blend gently into skin. If using as a massage oil, after cleansing the skin, take an amount equivalent to the line on the dropper onto the palm of the hand and apply to the entire face before massaging. Pat gently with tissue paper.

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