AQ Cream Absolute X

A luxurious combination of beautifying
ingredients carefully selected to target the thinning
of skin due to age and external stress for skin that
is supple, firm and filled with brightness.


AQ Cream Absolute X


  • night

Product Features

Delivers nutrients to the deepest layer of the skin to target fibroblast cells with reduced activity, preventing the loss of dermal density.

Refines skin’s responsiveness to awaken its regenerative power and beauty potential.

Advanced hydration performance, even in low-humidity environments, for the perfect moisture balance.

Supports skin to protect from external stressors.

Luxurious texture and fragrance to bring tranquility to the skin and mind, improving skin’s sensitivity to its beautifying ingredients.

A calming soft-like-cashmere texture that leaves a gentle softness on your skin.



As the final step ofyour night skincare routine, take about the size of a pearl using the included spatula and apply to the chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. Spread across the face, blending thoroughly.

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