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There is a gap in the bottom of my product tube. Has it been underfilled?

You may notice there is air even in tube-type products before you start using them, but don’t worry- the volume displayed on the label is all there. Tube-type products are filled from the base with the cap underneath, and the base is crimped closed. If cream is filled all the way up to the base of the tube the cream will squeeze up and ruin the seal. To avoid this and make sure the product does not leak out, a space is left at the base. The space at the base of the tube is necessary because of how the product is manufactured. Regardless of whether your product comes in a tube or a bottle, most beauty product containers require some internal space to account for product expansion from increased temperature, which can cause the container to break or the product to leak out. So the space at the base of the tube is necessary for more than one reason.


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